Thursday, April 1, 2010

Traveler Interview

HI: What is your name?
Andreas, it is like the German form of Andrew

HI: Where are you from?

HI: How long have you been in Chicago?
Since last Tuesday. So one week ago I got here (smiling)

HI: What are you doing in the city?
(shrugs) I always wanted to visit Chicago. I am interested in the history and I had never been before. I have been to New York and Boston but not Chicago. I was surprised at the rich culture and history!

HI: What surprised you? What have you learned about Chicago?
Well it is hard to describe. It is the most open-minded city I have visited so far. There is rich culture! I am amazed at the museums. There is rich music culture too. I went to the blues bars with Chuck.

HI: Oh the Kingston Mines?
Yes! Also if the weather is nice, it is nice to walk the shoreline. It is fascinating to watch people! Each city differs in the US!

HI: Yeah that is so true! So have you seen any really interesting people as you were watching?
Oh yes. I stood for an hour watching people under the jellybean. So fascinating! (laughing) People were going like this and that and making faces to get a good angle (moving arms and legs to simulate motion).

HI: Yeah the jellybean is always fun. (laughing)
Yes. Of course I visited the John Hancock and the Willis tower. I prefer the Hancock. The restaurant was magnificent. I sat and had a coffee just sitting looking out.

HI: Did you go at sunset? That is beautiful I know.
No. It gets too crowded then. I try to avoid them, I don’t feel comfortable with crowds.

HI: Yeah that’s understandable. So what other things have you seen?
Been to the Botanical Gardens. Been to the Museum of Art. It was very confusing. So many floors I got lost! (laughing) Been to the planetarium. The view is great! You are able to walk to Millennium Park and walk all up it. Been to Obama’s house.

HI: Oh my goodness! You have seen a lot then! Are you traveling all over the US? Is Chicago the only city you are visiting?
This time yes. I also don’t like being in a city for one to two days. I want to get a feel for it. America in 48 hours is not my travel (laughing). For example, yesterday I walked the shoreline for 2 hours.

HI: Wow! Sounds like you have done a lot of walking while you were here!
Yes! Ugh. Yesterday I walked back from Obama’s house…

HI: Oh my word! Wow!
Yes I believe it was 9 miles. And before I spent 5 hours at Macy’s shopping (laughing).

HI: Wow! So what was your favorite part?
Well that is very hard to say. I really liked the two blues bars, Kingston Mines and Buddy Guy’s. They were great evenings. It is kind of hard, like comparing apples with oranges (laughing). Especially because they are so different but the blues was fantastic!

HI: Yeah I bet. So how much longer are you here for?
Until Saturday

HI: And then you head back to Germany?

HI: What do you do in Germany?
I recently graduated and just started to work. That is why I can’t take off too long (laughing).

HI: It’s a nice little break though.
From time to time I like to see some different things yes.

HI: Well thank you so much for talking with me! Enjoy the beautiful weather. Maybe you could take another nine-mile walk!
(laughing) Yes I could! Thank you, have a nice day!

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