Thursday, April 29, 2010

Traveler Interview

We met this traveler when he was coming through the free ice cream line. He was very excited, so we stopped to talk with him for a little while.

HI: What is your name?
My Japanese name or my English name? (laughing)

HI: Well both!
Jack is my English name yeah.

HI: What is your Japanese name?
Y as in yoke, A as in and, S as in sugar, U as in uncle, Y as in yoke, U as in uncle, K as in king, and I. (Yasuyuki)

HI: Perfect! So you are from Japan you said?
Exactly yeah.
HI: So what are you doing in Chicago?
Actually I’m here for pleasure. This is my first time in the States. Yeah. I will probably stay for 4 days, then I am planning to go to New York.

HI: How long will you be in New York?
I will be in New York for 5 days.

HI: Are you seeing just these two cities? Chicago and New York?
No probably not. Actually I did San Francisco. This is my second visit, Chicago is. Then New York, Canada Montreal. I can’t speak any French but its okay. Then Quebec City, then south to Boston. Then I will take the blue train from Boston to Washington D.C. This might be my last chance to visit the United States. So yeah. Probably for my final destination go to Vancouver. I already visited Vancouver though.

HI: Oh okay.
Yeah long time ago though.

HI: Wow this is a long trip!
Yeah it is. Yeah. I am a bit of a wanderer (laughing). I started to travel in my mid 20’s I had a walking visa. I went to Australia and New Zealand to study English then England. I go to English speaking countries to learn. The last 2 years I have been to South Korea to study Korean. Yeah. I am a language junkie. Next I want to study Chinese and visit China.

HI: Wow! That sounds great!
Yeah. But in Japan I work at a hotel as a receptionist. So it is very good for me. I need to know languages. It is a great help for me.

HI: Yeah for sure. So what have you done in Chicago?
Just all touristy, I don’t know much. I need to stay and extra day to get to the suburbs. I’m a stranger by myself. I have a guidebook with me so I have been browsing around shops. I did the tour yesterday.

HI: Oh did you? The hostel’s downtown tour?
Yeah yeah. The tour with George was very helpful for me. It was really you know…George told lots about historic Chicago and culture. It was great help for me. Last night I went to the Jazz bar too.

HI: Yeah Kingston Mines! Was it good?
Yeah it was pretty good. There were lots of people, around 25. Unfortunately there was not enough time to talk to everyone. Yeah. Not enough time to talk to each person but it was a good time.
HI: Well I’m glad you liked it! Have you enjoyed your stay at the hostel?
Oh Yeah! Before Chicago I stayed in San Francisco downtown but yeah…no free tours for us and free ice cream. I was amazed at here. It is pretty good for me. I really enjoyed myself. I didn’t know but Chicago is famous for the windy city. I went to Navy Pier this morning and there were really gusty winds. Really cold.

HI: (laughing) Yup, it is usually like that.
I didn’t know that. It is still freezing cold.

HI: It is better in the summer. But you are right, now it is still pretty cold.
Yeah yeah
HI: Well thanks for talking with me! I will let you enjoy your ice cream now!
Yeah yeah thank you.

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