Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer in Chicago

Welcome to Chicago! By now, you probably have found out that this is a “City of Broad Shoulders”, Blues Brothers, Al Capone, Michael Jordan, and deep dish pizza. But besides these well known symbols of Chicago, what does Chicago have to offer to its visitors? The answer is everything!

One of the wonderful things that Chicagoans truly appreciate about their city is the broad range of activities that will suit nearly anyone. While there are many other cities in the world that are bustling with culture and round-the-clock activity, Chicago offers a wonderful balance between large city adventure and small town coziness.

As flowers begin to blossom and a new leaves spring up on trees, the entire city of Chicago awakens from its winter slumber. Although, our Chicago winters have been known to intimidate many, Chicago residents believe our colder season builds character, and forces us to truly appreciate our warmer months.

With that said, over the next several weeks I would like to share with you the top 10 activities to do in Chicago during the next few months, in no particular order.

Attend a Cubs Game at Wrigley Field - If you are visiting from another state, chances are that someone has already recommended a visit to Wrigley Field. This modern day shrine to baseball is the second oldest baseball park currently used in the Major Leagues. A trip to Wrigley, can easily transport a baseball aficionado to an era of baseball long gone. However, if baseball isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll definitely find a great party in the stands. Before and after the games, I highly recommend visiting the bars surrounding Wrigley Field, an area residents have come to call Wrigleyville. You will find bar after bar on Clark Street, making it ideal for pub crawls even on a day when the Cubs are not playing. The drink prices are quite affordable and the atmosphere is very casual. Best way to get to Wrigley is on the “El”, getting off at the Addison stop on the Red line.

For the Cubs schedule visit http://sports.chicagotribune.com/merge/tsnform.aspx?c=chicagosports&page=mlb/teams/002/scheduleCT.aspx?team=002,season=2010
Go to a Blues Bar – It’s no coincidence that the Blues Brothers films have been filmed in Chicago. Chicago has a long standing reputation of being one of the premier blues destinations in the entire nation. The multitude of blues clubs can be found throughout the city. For a unique night of true Chicago blues, the Hostel offers free tours to Kingston Mines nearly every Monday evening. Kingston Mines provides a very casual laid back atmosphere, inexpensive drinks, free entrance (to Hostel groups or students) and wonderful music played by some of Chicago’s most talented musicians. If you love blues, definitely check out the Chicago Blues Festival in Grant Park (June 11-13), the largest outdoor blues event in the world. With good music and the amazing Chicago skyline behind you, you are sure to have a wonderful time.

-Peter Razumovskiy, HI Volunteer

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