Thursday, April 15, 2010

We stopped to talk with Sebastien while eating some ice cream on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon! Learn more about him!

HI: Where are you from?
Portugal. Right by the boarder of Spain, in the middle. But right now I live in France. I studied management and I graduated. Now I’m working. I was working before coming here to make money.

HI: Yeah that’s always good! What is your name?
Sebastien Batista

HI: Where do you work?
At an airport. I clean the airport during the night.

HI: Wow! During the night! Do you like it?
Yeah it is a very cool job. I drive the big machine (laughing).

HI: (laughing) Cool! What do you like about your job?
There is not enough to clean because it is in the middle of the night, and the manager is really cool. So you clean your one spot and do okay and then it is good. It is very cool, you clean your place and you are good. I love to talk with people in the airport. I practice my Spanish and talk with people as they are traveling. It is a very good wage during the night too.

HI: Wow, that sounds great! Really laid back. So have you traveled a lot?
Yes. New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Niagara, and Detroit.

HI: That is a lot of places! How long have you been traveling?
Two months. Three more weeks and then I leave.

HI: Is Chicago your last stop?

HI: How much longer will you be here?
If I like it two weeks maybe more, but if I don’t...I just leave (laughing).

HI: Well I hope you like it!

HI: What places did you really like?
I hated Montreal. Hated it. My credit card was stolen

HI: Oh no! What happened?
I was in the club and I put my coat in the room. But at the end of the night I came back to get my coat and the pocket was opened, and my credit card was gone. So I don’t like Montreal. It was too much like Europe too. So many Americans tell me, “Go to Montreal, you will love it!” But it was boring, not enough to see.

HI: (laughing) Yeah maybe Americans love it because it is like Europe, but you are used to it, so it is boring.
Yes I think so. But I didn’t like Montreal...don’t go (laughing).

HI: I will remember that (laughing). What place did you like?
Detroit. I loved Detroit. Some people say it is not safe, but I thought it was fine. And everything is so cheap! I also loved New York.

HI: So what are your plans for tonight?
I am staying with a friend for a few days and I might come back here. I’m going to see the city with him.

HI: How did you meet your friend?
Online. You can meet other people from all over the world and talk with them. Then you can visit and stay with them and see how the city is from someone who lives there. Then they can come and stay with you.

HI: Wow that sounds great! It is a perfect way to see Chicago!

HI: Well thanks for talking with me! Enjoy your ice cream and I hope you have a great time in Chicago!
Thank you. And yes this ice cream is very good. Thank you!

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