Wednesday, March 31, 2010


HI-Chicago is so lucky to have our amazing volunteer base to add to our capacity and show travelers the best of Chicago!


What do you do at the hostel and for how long have you been doing it?
I been volunteering since last August. I am involved with Chicago Guides, Cultural Kitchen and do a shift at the Information Desk on Monday's.

How did you get involved at the hostel?

I have been staying at hostels since my first backpacking trip to Europe. When looking for volunteering opportunities at home, HI-Chicago seemed to be the perfect fit. I am able to still be involved with the international community and I get to share my view of Chicago with travelers.

What is your most memorable traveling experience?
It was the trip I did with my brother, David, around the world. We stopped in Europe, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong. It was amazing to share all the different experiences in each country with him. From mac attacks on Khao San Road, getting custom made clothes in Hoi An to learning to play backgammon with Nitan in India. We still laugh and talk about this trip when we see each other. All the experiences are bonds that help us stay together even though he lives in Arizona now.

What is one fun fact about yourself that most people at the hostel would not know?
I learned to surf in Costa Rica a couple years ago and loved it. Costa Rica is the one country I will continue to visit over and over and over. Also, they have really good fried chicken.

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