Monday, April 19, 2010

Crepes and Conversation

Thank you to all of you who participated in Crepes and Conversation on Friday night!

Two Hostelling International Chicago interns, Veronique and myself, got together on Friday night to make crepes for a group of 6 travelers. And it was a great hit! Veronique, who is originally from France, taught us how to make a perfect crepe and travelers could choose between a variety of toppings. Egg, ham, cheese, and mushroom crepes made the perfect dinner!

The event began at 5 pm in the dinning room and to start there were two travelers present, one from England and the other from Germany. These two in particular were traveling on a budget and one had only spent $4 so far in his trip here to Chicago. The pool table in the lobby and the free food was a huge hit with them! Promptly at 5 we began cooking the first crepes. Veronique was a natural and made the perfect crepe right off the bat. I however needed a little practice. My first crepe was slightly shaky, but after I saw how it was done, the next ones turned out much better. Every traveler was very grateful for that fact!

Word of free food travels fast in the hostel and soon we had a busy kitchen with people interested in some good crepes. Standing with travelers and engaging them in conversation, Veronique gained some valuable knowledge for the hostel. We were interested in learning how the hostel can make your stay here even better! It was very good to hear how the hostel is doing and what things you love about our accommodations. However, we know there is always room for improvement and we jump at the opportunity to better your experience!

Overall the night was a success with great conversation and incredible food! It was also another opportunity for travelers to get to know each other! The six travelers shared with each other their experiences, advice, and stories of traveling. Some new acquaintances were made and they joined together to attend the hostel outing to the Green Mill. So thank you very much everyone for attending! We loved getting to know you and hearing your feedback! Happy travels!

-Erika Ter Louw, HI intern

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