Monday, January 14, 2013

Social Sustainability

As many of you may already know, HI-Chicago is making an effort to become an increasingly sustainable hostel and to maintain that sustainability. Although a large part of this sustainability effort does consist of trying to improve things that will have a negative ecological impact on the environment, an equally important aspect is that of social sustainability. We are constantly trying to engage our guests in community activities and vice versa vice . There is so much that a traveler can learn about a commmunity and culture simply by getting to know its people. Do not neglect that part of your travelers!

The following events are coming up and will provide perfect opportunities for individuals to meet others and share their opinions on very important issues. Issues such as civil rights and climate uncertainty which the discussion of is essential for the maintenance of global sustainability.

The Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Mural Competition Reception
Will be held here at the hostel on January 21st. . Students will be awarded prizes for their artwork which is to be honoring the life and work of Dr. King and the continuing struggle for civil rights today.

Come celebrate the success of the artists as well as the accomplishments of the many historical figures that fought for civil rights!

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DePaul University is hosting a nearly 2 month long exhibition titled "Climate of Uncertainty"
"The DePaul Art Museum will explore the impact of humans on the environment with “Climate of Uncertainty,” an interactive exhibition that opens Jan. 10 and runs through March 24. The museum is free and open to the public every day.

Climate of Uncertainty” features 12 artists engaged in long-term projects that address humans’ role in environmental degradation, said Laura Fatemi, associate director of the DePaul Art Museum who organized the exhibition. Seven photographers document issues ranging from the destructive effects of extractive industry to the effect of careless waste disposal on animal populations. Several artists use installations to provide audiences with a participatory and immersive experience on deforestation and the enormous consequences of large-scale damming. Other media included in the exhibition are sculpture, printmaking and mixed media."

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sustainability Seminars for the Public

Have a free evening?

Attend a seminar at the Chicago Center for Green Technology!

The Center's Green Tech U Series has been developed in response to the increasing demand for educational resources in green technology in Chicago.

The seminars provide an opportunity to increase knowledge of sustainability, green building and public policy while meeting like-minded people and expanding professional networks.

Seminars are only $10. If you attend 6 seminars in the same “track” you can obtain a certificate in the field!

So go ahead! Learn something new!

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