Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Night at the Opera

When I awoke on Monday morning, I anticipated it would be like any other day. Head to my internship and then a night of catching up on emails, homework, and other meaningless tasks that needed to be done. However, my night drastically changed when a kind man gave away a free ticket to the opera. Being a college student and on a budget, I jumped at the chance to experience something so extravagant. So after rushing home and preparing for the evening, I set out on my newest adventure in Chicago.

As I rounded the corner, a large beautiful building stared back at me. Great round columns stretched to the right of the ornate entryway. Nervous and unsure of what to expect I headed into the warmly lit Opera house. I was overwhelmed with the grand lobby that greeted me. A large regal staircase was to my left and an elaborate balcony wrapped around the three-story foyer.

Attendees were filtering in slowly for the 7:30 showing. Many were enjoying a glass of wine at high tables and admiring their surroundings. Slowly I ascended the staircase, taking in every detail. The railings. The breathtaking crystal chandeliers warming the lobby. The intricate signs. The marble foyer floor. The excited and buzzing Opera lovers.

The stairs first brought me to the Mezzanine floor. Slowly I wandered into the seating area. I was greeted by the incredible and breathtaking stage. Looking over the railing, I could see every detail of the grand room. With the 3,563 seats and the 580 yards of heavy-weight wool velour and silk fringe on the stage curtain, it was an incredible sight to behold. Above the Mezzanine floor there are two additional balconies.

Aside from the grand building itself, the show was yet another marvel. As the orchestra began playing Mozart, I was instantly drawn in. The three and a half hour opera was funny, touching, and capturing. The Marriage of Figaro constantly kept me guessing and entertained by the number of trials faced by Figaro, Susanna, the Count, and the Countess. Never before have I heard such incredible ballads!

By the end of the evening I found myself reluctant to leave. The building, the opera, and the audience members were all such a fascination to me. However, eventually I took one last look at the stage and theater, engraved it in my memory, and headed home. From now on, every time I hear a beautiful composition by Mozart, I will be reminded of my incredible night at the Opera!

-Erika Ter Louw, HI intern

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HI-Chicago said...

Sounds like a unique night.. being spontaneous definitely brings great rewards!