Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chuckles at Comedy Sportz

A group of ten hostellers left the building Thursday night with high hopes and hungry stomachs. We set off to Comedy Sportz for a night of free pizza and a free comedy show! As we walked into the theatre we were greeted very warmly and handed our tickets. Comedy Sportz Staff did not miss a beat and were instantly greeting us and making sure the group was comfortable.

Volunteers and travelers were treated to pizza catered by Marcello’s. A free drink was also included from the bar in the trendy lobby of Comedy Sportz. The group sat down at tables immediately next to the stage, and after an hour of socializing the doors opened and seating began for the show.

For 90 minutes, the crowd participated in a phenomenal show. Constantly engaging and moving forward, the improv performers amazed the crowd with their quick and consistent wit. There were two improv teams that were competing for the most laughs and a referee who helped officiate the show. We as audience participants took on the role of judges. The more we laughed, the more points the team got.

Contrary to many improv shows, Comedy Sportz was an incredibly clean and family friendly show. If performers crossed a line, the referee stepped in and called a “foul.” If this occurred, the performer would be forced to wear a brown bag over their head for the remainder of the scene. However, the show never got remotely close to this point.

The improv performers played several different “games” or types of improv. Replaying a scene in different roles and rhyme rapping are just two examples of these sidesplitting games. Watch out! They used a lot of crowd participation and volunteers, so be ready to put your good humor to use as well!

Overall, the show was stupendous and consistently comical. At the end of the night audience members left the theatre in a lighter mood and with the expectation of returning again soon!

We will definitely be frequenting the Comedy Sportz Theatre again! So join us on our next trip to the hilarious and engaging show! Thank you so much Comedy Sportz!

-Erika Ter Louw - HI intern

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