Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hosteller Highlight!

During free ice cream Tuesdays we met these two girls from Denmark! They were very excited about having some ice cream and talking with us!

HI: Hi what are your names?
Heidi and Signe

HI: Where are you from?

HI: What are you doing here in Chicago?
We are here with our class. We stayed with our professors in West High School in New Berlin.

HI: How long were you here for?
We go home tonight. But we came to Chicago on Saturday. Before we were in New Berlin for 10 days. We went to high school and lots of museums, baseball games, basketball games, ice skating shows, and lots of stuff! (laughs)

HI: Wow you guys saw a lot!

Yeah so much! (laughing)

HI: So what did you learn in your classes?
We learned English. There are many friendly people. They are friendlier than I thought they would be!

HI: What do you like about the big city?
Well here I love the shopping! (laughing) I love love love the shopping here! But people are crazy here! The people who have no home coming and talking to you, kind of scary for me.
(she points out the window)
And that! I never see that before!! The Police on bikes! (laughing) So strange!

HI: Yeah that is kind of different isn’t it? (laughing) So did you like all of the basketball and baseball games at the high school?
Oh yes! I got a t-shirt! (laughing)

HI: Wow, that is great! Is this your first time in the US?
Yeah! Everything is so big! Wow! Everything is so cheap too! In Denmark it isn’t like this. Everything is so much more expensive there. So I love shopping here, and the Michigan Mile!!

HI: (laughing) Yeah the Magnificent Mile is pretty great! Are you going to have to buy another suitcase to bring everything back to Denmark?
Yes! I have four now! (laughing)

HI: So what was your favorite museum in Chicago?
Well in Chicago we didn’t see as many museums as in New Berlin, but I do really like all the towers!

HI: The skyscrapers?
Yeah! So beautiful! And oh my gosh they are so big!

HI: Well thanks for talking with me! Enjoy your free ice cream and you last few hours in Chicago!
Thank you! Have a nice day! Bye.

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