Thursday, March 11, 2010

Traveler Interview: Stranded in the States!

At the free ice cream social on Tuesday we stopped to talk with this traveler. He was enjoying some great free ice cream on the warm spring day!

HI: What is your name?
Juan Pablo Donoso

HI: Where are you from?

HI: How long have you been staying here at the hostel?
10 days. There was an earthquake in my home country you know? So I was supposed to leave earlier but no planes could get in. So I stay here for 10 days now. But I leave here tomorrow. I am very excited to return to my home country.

HI: What brought you to Chicago?
I came here to learn English. I was a lifeguard for 2 months in Wisconsin at Wisconsin Dells. But then I came here to know the city and to catch my flight home.

HI: But then you got stranded?

HI: What do you do back in Chile?
I study Business and Economy in Santiago.

HI: So what have you done here in the city?
Well, I went with the hostel for the free tour. I went to the restaurant of Al Capone.

HI: The Green Mill?

HI: Yeah that’s a great place.

Yes. And I went to the bar neighborhood, Addison and Lincoln Park. The Field Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

HI: Which of the museums was your favorite?
The Contemporary Art. Yes it was very good (smiles) a lot of famous art like Picasso and Monett. The Magnificent Mile was very amazing too. And the Navy Pier I liked too.

HI: Wow you have seen a lot of the city!
Yes. I stay here for 10 days and I walk all over. (laughs)

HI: Yeah I bet! So are you excited to back to Chile?
Yes, I miss my family a lot.

HI: Is your family okay from the earthquake?
Yes all of them are fine, but my city is destroyed. The city is made of really old buildings, so they are all destroyed. The new buildings, they are all okay, but everything else is gone.

HI: Wow, I bet that will be strange to go back and see all that!
Yes, very strange.

HI: Well, thanks for talking with me! I hope you have a safe trip back and enjoy being at home finally!

Yes thank you. Goodbye.

HI: Bye!

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