Friday, June 25, 2010

Traveler Spotlight

Intern Hannah talks to Mike Shiel, an economics student from Cork, Ireland who has traveled to Chicago with a group of friends.

So why did you decide to come to Chicago?
Well we got work visas to get jobs In the US, but so far no one will hire us.

Really?! Where have you applied?
Mostly bars and Irish pubs.

That seems somewhat ridiculous. So how long have you been here and what have you been doing?
We’ve been here for about three weeks and we’ve been mostly sightseeing and going to the beach.

I suppose if you can’t get jobs you might as well have fun! What was your favorite part of your
trip so far?

That has to be when the Blackhawks won. We were in Addison and there were people in the streets celebrating.

Did you go to the Blackhawks’ parade?
No, it was too hot.

Wait – what happens if you guys can’t get jobs?
We’d have to go home early; our trip would be a bit shorter than it was originally planned.

Have you been watching the World Cup at all?
Yeah, every chance we get. We were all really happy when France lost.

Have you noticed if Americans are more or less interested in soccer than the Irish?
Soccer is definitely more important in Ireland than in the US. People are more intense about the
sport at home.

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