Thursday, June 10, 2010

Traveler Spotlight

HI-Chicago Intern Lauraly talks with Chris from Australia about his travels:

When did you arrive in Chicago, Chris?

I just arrived yesterday. I traveled here by bus from Washington D.C.

That's a long ride! Are you traveling by bus the whole time that you're in the states?
Yes, I am. I started in New York and my next stop is Las Vegas. It will be a lot of hours spent sitting on a bus, but I know that it will be worth it once I get there. Since I don't have time to see the whole country, I like to take a bus so that I can look out the window and get a glimpse of some parts of the country I don't have time to stop in.

I think you picked some of the most exciting cities in the country; it will definitely be worth the trip. What are some of the other places you wish you had time to see while you're in the United States?
I have a whole list of places that I want to see, but don't have time time visit this time around. I really want to go to Texas, New Orleans and San Francisco next time I'm in the US. Unfortunately, my visa runs out soon, so I have limited time.

What made you decided to come to Chicago?

It just seems like such an idealistic city and it has so much to offer. It has the comforting feeling of a small town, but with big buildings.

What do you look forward to doing most while you're here in Chicago?
I have been told that I have to go to Navy Pier, so I'm really looking forward to that. I definitely want to go on the Ferris Wheel for the view of the city.

What are some of the biggest differences that you have noticed between Chicago and your home in Melbourne, Australia?
The drinking age! It's so strange to me that the drinking age here is 21. That seems like a long wait for a beer! I have also noticed that people in Chicago are extremely friendly. Everyone is so eager to give suggestions and directions, and everyone wants to play tour guide. It's so refreshing to be in a place where people genuinely want to help and are so proud of their city.
Oh, and I love watching the elevated trains from the hostel windows. I've never seen that before!

Are you staying in hostels throughout your whole stay in the US?
I'm not staying in hostels the whole time, but I definitely prefer to stay in a hostel. A hostel is such a great environment for a traveler because everyone wants to make friends, explore the city, and have a good time. Traveling in isolation isn't nearly as much fun as meeting people from all over the world. Plus, people at hostels always have the best stories.

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