Friday, June 18, 2010

Traveler Spotlight

Intern Breanne talks with Tim, a civil engineering student from Australia, at the Ice Cream Social:

What brings you to Chicago, Tim?
I am on a 14-week summer vacation road trip. I started in Berkeley, CA and next I'm heading to New York and Canada.

What were some on the highlights of the trip so far?
I was in Tennessee for the Bonnaroo music festival and that was fantastic!

What suprised you most about Chicago?
It's shocking how big and spread out the city really is.

So, what's the best Chicago pizza you've tried?
Definitely Uno's. We're lucky that we just happen to stumble upon the best places to eat in each city.

What's the best thing about Chicago?

It's much cleaner and safer than I expected. I would love to study here after my Bachelor's program.

What do you enjoy most about your trip?
The unplanned parts are the most exciting. We stayed in a Canyonlands National Park in Nevada when we couldn't find a place to camp and it wound up being a blast.

What advice can you give to other travelers?
Have low expectations, and everything will usually be better than expected in the end. But serioiusly, it's much more rewarding if you keep your mind open. Also, appreciate road trips now, because in 20 years we might not be able to. Fuel is becoming too expensive for long car trips.

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