Monday, June 21, 2010

Neighborhood Spotlight: LOGAN SQUARE

Logan Square has long been home to immigrant populations & is now predominantly Hispanic (although Polish can still be heard on the streets). Logan Square is graced with a system of tree-lined boulevards and squares, including the one for which the community is named. Today, LS exhibits a vital ethnic and economic diversity. Although the neighborhood is facing issues of gentrification (more affluent moving in and economically pushing lower-income people out), there is no doubt that it is culturally thriving with diversity and an influx of great restaurants, bars, and galleries.

- KNOWN FOR: Historic architecture; Hispanic population; gentrifying hipster culture; green boulevards; farmer’s market during the summer months

- DON’T MISS: Lula’s CafĂ© (2537 N Kedzie) for local, organic, and creative food; The Whistler (2421 N Milwaukee Avenue) for specialty cocktails & free or cheap music; Logan Theater (2646 N Milwaukee Ave), where second-run movies are $5; Taqueria Moran (2226 N California Ave), for cheap, fast, & delicious Mexican food; Revolution Brewing Co (2323 N Milwaukee Ave), a new Chicago brewery and restaurant; the Logan Square Farmer's Market (on Logan Blvd, east of Milwaukee Ave), every Sunday from June 6 until October 31 from 10am-3pm.

- GET THERE: Take the Blue Line (towards O’Hare) to California or Logan Square

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Lynn Stevens said...

Try Dunlay's for $5 burger plates on Wedesdays, or the nearby classic diner, Johnny's Grill (could be the setting for Hopper's Nighthawks painting), or if you're in town last Saturdays of the summer months, enjoy outdoor concerts on the Square, a bit higher end for the budget you could try one of the best bars in America!, and then there's....