Friday, August 16, 2013

Traveller's Spotlight - Raquel

I caught Raquel fresh into the hostel, on her first day!

What brings Raquel to Chicago is simple- wanting a good vacation before the stresses of her life back home resume! Raquel is from Spain, finished law school and in September she will be doing an apprenticeship studying to be a judge.

Her time in Chicago she plans on taking advantage of the walking tours organized by the hostel, exploring the city, and practicing her English. So far she has gotten a chance to explore Millennium Park, but she has enjoyed every minute of it and she can't wait for more adventures to come. She has already signed up for the afternoon walking tour of Logan Square!

Raquel has been to France and Italy on her other travels, and compared to those places, Chicago is very open minded, however very busy and always doing something. "In Spain I feel like people are used to being with family, here, people are more independent and on their own," she said.

Raquel will be staying at the hostel for a month, if you see her say HI!

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