Monday, September 9, 2013

Traveller Spotlight: Thorsten

I met Thorsten on the 2nd floor and immediately learned that the 'h' in his name is silent. Thorsten is a 23 year old from Germany, on a road trip with his friend around Lake Michigan. Him and his friend have already successfully rented a car and gone around Lake Michigan, and loved it. However, this isn't Thorsten's first time in the U.S. In the past, he has been on an east coast road trip from Boston to Miami. Luckily for us Chicagoans, Thorsten has formed a good opinion of us inlanders. "The Midwest is a lot cooler than the East," he says. Thanks Thorsten!

In Germany, Thorsten is still in school studying information management, and is still treasuring his last weeks of freedom. He is not a novice to travel, though. He's been to Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, France, and Tunisia. His favorite parts of Germany are in the north, where he has found people to be much more open and friendly than in the southern parts of the country.

So far on his stay in Chicago Thorsten has been all around the loop, been up the Hancock and enjoyed the view very much, and he has big upcoming plans of doing 'non-touristy' activities such as checking out local neighborhoods and shops.

His future travel plans include Vancouver, Canada and the west side of the U.S!

-Diana Zawojska

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