Friday, August 16, 2013

Traveller Spotlight- Jinil!

Jinil is pictured here on the blue line L heading towards a
walking tour of Logan Square provided by the Hostel!
Meet Jinil!

Jinil is from Seoul, Korea, and has one more semester left in his studies of becoming a doctor!
He has been four days so far in Chicago, and has taken advantage of the Hostel's walking tours, and, his own exploration of the city.

What brought Jinil to the U.S in the first place was his clinical rotation that he did in Minnesota. After a few moths of that, Jinil had an urge to travel around America before going back to Korea to finish up school. With no family in the U.S, Jinil packed his bags after his clinical rotation and decided to go. So far, Jinil has Been to New York, Minnesota, North Carolina, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Ottawa.

In Chicago, Jinil has enjoyed the view in the Hancock, the Jazz bars, and the easy bus and train transportation."The buses in Minnesota come, like, once an hour," he laughs. Jinil has also noted cultural differences in Chicago versus other areas in the U.S. "People here are very much like 'city people'. Busy, indifferent...people in North Carolina are more intimate, they say hi to strangers on the streets," he said.

Jinil has some time left in Chicago, hopefully he can spend it loosening up the busy city folk from their everyday routine :D

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