Monday, November 5, 2012

Take the CTA!

Your destination may just be one bus ride or “L” ride away. With our extensive public transportation system, moving around the city of Chicago can be easy. Just visit the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) website to plan your trip
With the daily and weekly passes, choosing the public transportation option can save you a lot of money during your travels. Following are the costs for popular passes:
1 Day Pass: $5.75
3 Day Pass: $14.00
7 Day Pass: $23.00

The ridership amount has certainly increased in the past few years. With the high gas prices and the convenience of the public transportation system, why not join the growing trend?
  • In 2011, CTA provided roughly 532 million rides on buses and trains compared to 440 Million in 1997.
  • 2011 marked a 2.9% ridership increase over 2010, and the highest CTA ridership level since 1991.

In addition, it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by preventing additional pollution produced by taxis which you would otherwise be producing a demand for. So become a green traveler and learn the facts that will allow you to become more aware of the contributions that you are making through your decisions.

The CTA replaces the equivalent of about 400,000 vehicles on regional roads each weekday. A full eight-car CTA train replaces more than 600 cars, and a full 60-foot articulated CTA bus replaces more than 70 cars.
Switching from driving to public transit can reduce an individual's carbon emissions by about 4,800 pounds per year. 
For more information regarding Ridership and emissions visit:

For more information about the CTA that is “Going Green” visit

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