Monday, November 26, 2012

Fill 'em Up! EZH2O Water Station Ready for Use!

The EZH2O Elkay water filling station has now been installed!!! It can be found across from the library. Get your free aluminum water bottle from the information desk by answering just one simple question about this post, and fill it up!!! This water station is designed for your convenience. All you need to do is place the bottle with one hand on the bottle holder and it will fill up 3 times as quickly as it would at a normal water fountain without any of the hassle of half the water pouring outside of your bottle.

It’s Simple! Healthy! And Free!
Campuses across the U.S. are installing water stations to allow for convenient fill up of reusable water bottles. This is done in an effort to reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste that we accumulate each year because of the amount of plastic water bottles tossed daily.
The Loyola campus serves as a great example, by saving over 370,000 plastic bottles already (2011).
Now it is time for us to bring this effort to hostels! It is time to bring tap water back into style and reduce the demand for bottled water! In just 4.5 days we have already saved 151 bottles so we are well on our way! Get your free quality water bottle today!

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