Friday, March 8, 2013

Traveler Talk! Kat

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Kat here at HI-Chicago.  She’s from Tulsa, Oklahoma and is visiting the city in order to compete in a national poetry competition!  Her team won regionals in Tulsa, so they have come here to go head to head against teams from Canada, Texas and Chicago for the “Louder than a Bomb” poetry championship title.  Last year, her brother won the poetry competition in the individual category, and we hope that Kat’s team will be able to continue the tradition this year!

Understandably, the poetry slam is her main focus, but she has been able to do some other sightseeing while she’s been here.  Kat has already gone shopping down the Magnificent Mile, and last night her group had a chance to see the Second City.  Since the weather is so nice today, the team plans to go for a walk and see the Bean.  Then tomorrow they are going to take advantage of our discount and visit the Art Institute.  Kat said that she absolutely loves Chicago, especially all the opportunities that we have for pursuing art, music, and business.  She sees it as a place where people come to do big things with their lives.

Hopefully you’ll do big things at the competition tonight, Kat!  And thanks for staying with us at HI-Chicago.

By: Intern Sarah Consoer

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