Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Traveler Talk! Jisoo Yoon and Soo Hyun Choi

I caught up with Soo Hyun Choi and Jisoo Yoon this morning as they were finishing up their breakfast.  Today is the last day of their trip, and we had a chance to talk a little bit about their experience so far.  Although it was their first time in Chicago, neither one of the girls are new to the United States.  They are studying economics at a SUNY university in New York, and have had a chance to travel to places like Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Boston and Washington D.C.  

Spring break brought the pair to Chicago, and they were pretty surprised that it could be so cold here in March.  Compared to their hometown in Daejeon, South Korea, Chicago is practically a frozen tundra.  But they didn’t let the weather get them down.  They spent time at the Art Institute and took a step out of their comfort zone on the Willis Tower skydeck.  Even though Jisoo Yoon thought that Chicago could sometimes be scary at night because the streets seem empty compared to NY, she agreed with Soo Hyun Choi that a good overall description of the city would be romantic.  They loved the lights and the ambiance that the city and the buildings create.

Glad you're having a good trip guys, and we hope you enjoy the last day of your stay in Chicago!

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