Friday, February 22, 2013

Traveler Talk! Jeff & Patty

I met Jeff and Patty just after they checked in here at Hostelling International Chicago.  We were able to chat for a bit while they had a quick snack and got themselves ready for the first day of their adventure in the city!  Jeff is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Patty is a foreign exchange student from Bern, Switzerland that’s staying with him for the year.  I found out that Jeff has been here before about five years ago during Memorial Day weekend.  One of the things that he really enjoyed doing last time was riding a bike down by the lake and enjoying the nice weather.  This time around, the pair will be lucky if they get a fifty degree day, but they don’t mind.  They have plenty of other fun things in mind to do while they’re here. 

Patty is very interested in the arts, so the two plan on spending some time at the Museum of Contemporary Art during their stay.  They have also already decided on attending the Cultural Kitchen event at HI this evening which is focusing on Nepal.  Tomorrow morning, Jeff thought that it would be a good idea to step off of the well-traveled path of the Loop, so they are going to take a tour of Pullman to explore some of the hidden gems of the city.  And on Saturday, they’re going to end their trip on a high note with one of our famous Chicago architectural tours.  The pair sure has a lot to look forward to for their long weekend in Chicago.  But Patty’s already noticed a couple of differences between her hometown and ours: the buildings are a lot bigger, and the wind is a lot stronger.  Well, I guess there is a reason they call it the Windy City.

By: Intern Sarah Consoer

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