Friday, February 22, 2013

Traveler Talk! John


I was able to catch John on his last night at HI to chat a little bit about his trip.  He’s from Seattle and was here for a business matter, but fortunately he was able to relax and have some fun during his stay too.  Earlier, he did a self-guided tour of the Field Museum, and because he’s a big fan of architecture, his plan for the night is to visit the Sullivan Auditorium.  Our unique buildings, and the fact that two of his five favorite architects (Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright) are from here, are some of his favorite things about our city.  He’s also a moderate Cubs fan, but as we can tell from the picture, his allegiance truly lies with the Seattle Mariners.  

Even though he’s not an Illinois native, he’s no stranger to Chicago.  He lived here for three years while working as a cab driver.  Since he’s lived in both cities for a good amount of time, I thought it would be interesting to hear what he thought were some of the biggest differences between Chicago and Seattle.  The size difference was one that really stuck out to him.  He stated that Seattle would be bigger if it could, but the fact that it’s surrounded by water makes expansion a little bit difficult.  He also commented on how music is very prevalent in both places, but Chicago is heavily focused on jazz and blues while Seattle is more into the rock scene.  Another cool thing about this guest is that he’s stayed at our location multiple times before.  Some of his favorite things about our hostel are the location, the cleanliness, the price, and the fact that our lounge and rooms are so comfortable.  We love that you enjoy your time here John, and hope to see you at HI Chicago again soon!

By: Intern Sarah Consoer

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