Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buy a Bottle and Fill it Up!

Why is it that when thirsty and wanting water, people do not simply drink free tap water, but instead choose to pay unnecessarily much for a plastic bottle which will get thrown out within hours, and to pay for water which can easily be obtained at no cost?

With the HZH20 water fountain currently in the process of installation at our hostel, filling up a bottle with water will soon be more convenient than ever! It is crucial that our guests and staff learn about the many benefits of tap water.

Take a look at this!


Tap water is unhealthy for you. MYTH! In contrast, most sources state that in the U.S. tap water is actually in many aspects healthier than bottled water because tap water is more closely controlled and tested than tap water. 

Bottled water always comes from natural sources such as natural springs in the mountains. MYTH! Many companies that sell bottled water are in fact selling you tap water! Which you can easily get for free! The concept of bottled water is not too far from the idea of capturing air off of the streets in bottles and selling it to people. Would you pay for air when you can easily breathe it at no cost at all?

In addition, the production of bottles is a huge waste of resources and creates literally TONS of WASTE!

So purchase a reusable bottle once, and fill it up as many times as you like!
Save your self some money, and save the environment in the process!
To make it even easier for our guests and staff, we expect to soon have bottles available.

And if you manage to find a reason to refuse to drink tap water, than please remember to at least RECYCLE!

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