Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Traveler Spotlight: Gustavo

As I was wandering around breakfast at the hostel this morning, trying to snag a cup of free coffee, I noticed Gustavo sitting quietly at a table by himself. He was one of the few hostelers enjoying breakfast without a laptop in front of him, and I took this as an invitation to interrupt his solace for a quick Traveler Spotlight interview.

Originally from Brazil, Gustavo is currently traveling for about a month and a half through the US to audition for a place in a music academy. I know -- he's Brazilian, he has great hair, and he's a musician? Almost too good to be true. He'll be here for another week or so, ladies.

So far he has wandered around Millennium Park, taken a look at his reflection in the Bean, and checked out some of the many theaters scattered throughout the downtown area. He seems unfazed by the cold weather and eager to keep exploring. He told me that he's hoping to sneak a peek inside the famous Chicago Theatre on State Street -- who knows, maybe he'll even get to perform there someday? He has an audition on Saturday for a place at Roosevelt University, and then he's off to the next city and the next audition. After that, it's back to Brazil to play the waiting game until May, which is when he should start hearing back from the universities. Good luck, Gustavo!

Interview by Jackie DesForges

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Rosane said...

He is definitely one of a kind ;)