Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Traveler Chat

HI: So where are you guys from?

HI: Oh okay! Great!
Yeah we got here yesterday and we are staying until Thursday. We got here by bus through the night.

HI: Ugh, sounds like you guys are tired then.
Yes! Today we went through the Loop and saw the downtown buildings.

HI: So what are you guys doing here in Chicago?
We started in Canada, we are students studying there. So we had holiday and we wanted to visit the United States and then more of Canada.

HI: Oh okay! That is great!
Yeah we are in Chicago for 3 days. Then Seattle for 2 days. And then the Vancouver Islands.

HI: Oh beautiful!
Yes. And that is it.

HI: How long are you studying in Canada?
1 year

HI: What are you studying?
We are taking MBA courses. In France we are in a business course.

HI: Oh okay. Cool! So did you guys know each other before you started studying in Canada?
Actually we have a friend in common. The three of us room together. So we met over Facebook. (pointing to each other)

HI: (laughing) That is great!
(laughing) Yeah. But we both k now the third person better.

HI: Did she travel with you guys to the United States?
Yes. She is here, she is resting. She was very tired.

HI: Oh Okay. So what are you planning on seeing in Chicago?
We saw the Loop today. We want to see the Art Institute, Sears Tower, the Magnificent Mile.

HI: Good choice
Yes. And Bucktown, and if time Jackson Park as well. We heard it was very beautiful. And also Navy Pier, Lincoln Park. And that’s it. In 2 days that’s all we can do. Oh and the Museum of Contemporary Art too.

HI: Wow! Yeah in two days you will be very busy! You will enjoy it though! Those are all really great things to see! When did you start your program in Canada?
We started August 9 and we are here until August. (referencing one girl and the other girl who was sleeping) She is leaving soon. (pointing to the other girl)

HI: So you are leaving early?
Yeah. May 10. I studied in Quebec so we are done earlier.

HI: Are you sad to be leaving?
Yes of course. But I am happy to see my family and friends too.

HI: Yeah, it is always good and bad. Well good luck! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your stay in Chicago!
Yes thank you! Bye.

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