Thursday, December 17, 2009

December: A Month of Powerful Programming

Hostelling International Chicago's powerful cultural awareness programs were in full swing this month. Between the hostel's Cultural Kitchen program, which exposes Chicago high school students to the world and its people, Exchange Neighborhoods program, which brings together high school students of different ethnicities to promote understanding and peace, and Culture Quest program, which introduces younger students to the concepts of hostelling and the value of diversity, over 150 students graced the halls of our beautiful hostel. The hostel will reach over 1,000 students with our educational programs this school year.

Travelers are invited to join students for free meals associated with these programs, and volunteers are always needed for our Cultural Kitchen program to help students cook ethnic meals.

For more information about the hostel's educational programs, please visit:

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orink3 said...

2009-Dec 17 Communication about a Glorious Chicago Musical Event

On Monday, Dec 21, and/or Tuesday, Dec 22, at 6:30 PM, those interested in participating in singing the chorus sections of Chicago’s Do-It- Yourself Messiah, can show up at the Main Entrance of the new 1500 seat Harris Theater in downtown Millennium Park and see if any of the Free Admission Tickets are available at the Returned Ticket Table.

Since 1976, the International Music Foundation and the Bank of America have hosted these free performances of Handel’s Messiah for the audience as chorus with invited soloists and orchestra. The complete G.Schirmer score is available at the door for about eight dollars. The performance starts at 7PM and lasts about three hours. Big paper clips are useful.
Orin Keplinger,former Chicago Council President, singing bass, 815-597-1163