Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold Cold Chicago

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Chicago is -27°F (-33°C) on January 20, 1985, with a wind chill of -83°F (-64°C). Although this was certainly an extraordinary occasion, freezing temperatures and snow are common during the winter months of December, January and February. Being unprepared for the weather can be very unpleasant and even painful when exploring the city. Make sure you have adequate clothing for the frigid conditions. A hat, scarf and gloves are a necessity. If you were caught off guard and need some mittens you can check out the nearby H&M for some relatively cheap fashions.

Yet don't let the temperature keep you inside for the winter has its own charming beauty. A layer of fresh snow makes the city look incredibly pristine and pure. Unfortunately, that unspoiled and faultless image will soon turn into street gutters full of slush so don't forget your boots!

When your toes and fingertips get too numb to continue stop by Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea for the best hot drinks in downtown Chicago.

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