Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Traveller Spotlight: Michael

Today I was able to talk to a guest named Michael who is visiting us from San Francisco.  He is in town reuniting with a group of 12 friends that he met while participating in AmeriCorps in 2007-2008. AmeriCorps is an organization that engages Americans in service related activities all over the country, which can range from working at a school to a state park.  Michael said his team was able to help with the reconstruction after devastating Hurricane Katrina, among other projects.  He joined AmeriCorps after college and really liked being able to travel all over and meet new people.
    At this point, Michael has only been here for a few days, but he still saw a lot! His weekend activities included seeing the ‘bean’ at Millennium Park, heading over to Navy Pier, enjoying some deep dish pizza, and hearing some live music over at the House of Blues. He said the evening at House of Blues was nice because it was much more mellow than the liveliness of the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. Though he enjoyed his time, he said he was just ‘along for the ride’ and his favorite part of the trip was catching up with the friends he hadn’t seen in about six years.
Even though he has been in the city for a few days, this is his first night at the hostel.  We hope you have a great stay, Michael!

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