Friday, February 7, 2014

Traveller's Spotlight: Katsuki

This morning I was able to have a little chat with Katsuki, a guest from Japan, before she headed out for her day.  Katsuki is an architect who builds very specialized buildings.  She says there are not a lot of people who can build the types of buildings she can because they are all very unique and original.  She travels all around the world for her career and is in Chicago for two months.  Because of her background, Katsuki loves taking strolls around Chicago and enjoying the architecture, as well as meeting new people. She thinks this hostel has a very different atmosphere than others she has been to, and it reminds her of a college.  Katsuki finds joy in cooking; I bet she can cook some very different things from traveling so much!  Also, she really loves music. She wants to check out a Blues club around town, but unfortunately has been too tired the last few nights and wants to try again this weekend.  After Chicago, she is headed to Toronto, Canada.  We hope you get to listen to some blues before you head out and have a safe trip! 

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