Monday, April 22, 2013

Traveler Talk! Ned

             I met Ned while he was checking out the bulletin board at HI-Chicago to plan his last day in the city.  He was willing to talk to me for a few minutes about his trip so far, and he had a lot of great things to say about Chicago!  Ned is from Leeds, England, and he’s currently on a trip across the United States.  So far he has conquered the East Coast, and spent time in New York as well as at Niagara Falls.  He did the right thing there and made sure to check out the Canadian side for its spectacular views.  He’s been in Chicago for five days, and tomorrow he is off to spend the rest of his time out West, visiting Seattle, Portland, and California.

            So far, he’s had a great time in Chicago.  One of his favorite spots to visit was the Art Institute.  He really enjoyed all of the works there, but his favorite part was the Picasso exhibit that is currently going on.  He has also spent some time exploring the neighborhoods, and had a great time in Chinatown.  Today, he is torn between going out on another excursion to Hyde Park and seeing the spectacular views from the top of Willis Tower.  Either way, he’s going to have a great time during his last day in the city.  

Leeds is still a pretty big city, and from the pictures that I’ve seen, it’s an absolutely breathtaking place to be.  Besides the size, the most striking difference that he noticed between Leeds and Chicago is the diversity of the people.  He thinks that it’s great how you can see people from all walks of life in the Loop as well as in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Besides the United States, Ned has traveled around in Europe, and even did a cycling tour through Holland.  He is excited for the rest of his trip, and will be staying with HI for the rest of the time he is traveling.  

We are glad to have you here Ned, and good luck with the rest of your tour of the US!

By: Intern Sarah Consoer

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