Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

2013 is quickly approaching so if you haven’t come up with your New Year’s Resolution just yet here are some “green” suggestions - some small, and some requiring a bit more commitment. Although it may be difficult to maintain the goal for the entire year it is important to at least have the mindset that you can improve something this year.

Last year HI-Chicago determined to become a more sustainable hostel and we have certainly done so with our many green initiatives. We will continue to improve in the coming year. One great way to do this is by setting green goals. With our two EZ H2O water stations (fountains) installed we hope to save at least 10,000 water bottles in 2013!
What do you plan to do in the upcoming year?

1. Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle and USE it!!!
Or if you are staying at our hostel, comment on this post or answer a question about the blog at our Info Desk and you will receive one for free! Fill it up at our newly installed EZH20 Water Stations specifically designed for filling up water bottles. Over 1000 bottles saved this past month!

2. Ride your Bicycle or Use Public Transportation!
If staying at the hostel, public transportation is easily accessible, inexpensive, and convenient! Take the CTA Bus, the “L” or the Metra.

3. Use a Reusable Bag instead of Plastic Bags!
You will save hundreds if not thousands of bags throughout the year.
4. Spend More Time Outdoors!
Enjoy the many wonderful parks that your city has to offer! If staying at HI-Chicago make sure to check out Millennium Park and Grant Park!
5. Recycle More!
Start by recycling your real Christmas tree instead of simply dumping it out!
6. Reduce Consumption!
Use less water, electricity, and containers. Use reusable products whenever available.

7. Install Energy Efficient Lighting!
Save electricity, money and the environment using CFL’s and LED light bulbs!

8. Volunteer in a Green Effort Once a month!
Plenty activities are available around the city of Chicago year round - indoor as well as outdoor.

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