Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Traveler Spotlight--Candice

Written by: Krista Baum

Candice Basset has been on an traveling adventure this summer.

Candice is 25years old, and from Lyon, France. She studied International Marketing in school, where she focused on international marketing in hotels.

Last year, Candice traveled around China and thought it was so much fun!

This summer is her second time in the United States. The first time she visited the United States was four years ago, and she was working in California for three months. While she was there on the West Coast, she had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and many other places.

As much as she wanted to go back to the West Coast, she wanted to see something new, so she decided to visit the East Coast! She started her trek in Canada, and went to Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, and Niagara Falls, and now she is in Chicago.

“Every year I try to travel—either internationally or nationally” Candice said. “I don’t really like routines, so I have to change it up. I love to discover something new.”

So what brought Candice to Chicago?

Candice was drawn to Chicago because of all the movies that have been filmed here. Movies like Public Enemies, Chicago, and the television show ER were all located here. I guess she wanted to see the city in real life instead of the big screen.

Candice is enjoying her time here, saying that “Chicago’s architecture, the traveler outings, and the beaches are great!”

Candice attended one of the Chicago Architecture Tours and said it was really interesting learning that there were a lot of French influences in the city’s architecture. I didn't even know that. Learning new things everyday is so much fun!

Before Candice leaves Chicago she plans on going on Bobby’s Bike Hike on Wednesday, and then seeing the fireworks by Navy Pier. It’s so great during the summer, because Chicago has fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday night!

Candice’s future plans are to go to Boston, New York, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Miami, and then back home to France. She says going home to France is like “going back to reality,” I totally agree with that. Whenever I’ve traveled it’s like living a dream, and then when you come home you wake up to the facts of everyday life.

Never stop dreaming, and never stop traveling!

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Anonymous said...

Je t'aime CANDICE.
Tu es une reine, ma reine de CHINE mais les gens ne peuvent pas comprendre ce que cela eut dire.
Toi, si.
On s voit quand, tu me manques,tu sais. Je te fais de gros bisous.
Philippe en chine en 2010 avec toi .....