Thursday, September 16, 2010

Volunteer Spotlight: Katie Gombas

What volunteer position do you hold at the hostel and how long have you been doing it?
My volunteer position at the hostel is a Chicago Guide, and I've been doing it since April.

What motivated you to to become a hostel volunteer?
My motivation to become a hostel volunteer was ultimately to give back to the hostel community, because I have stayed at quite a few hostels, and at many of these hostels there were very helpful volunteers from whom I benefited. I have been on historical tours and pubcrawls led by volunteers, and being a Chicago guide allows me to give back to fellow travelers. Also, I had a feeling I would like being a guide, as I enjoy the hostel culture of socializing with people from all over the world when I stay in hostels myself.

What has been your most fun or interesting outing so far?

It's hard to choose what has been my most fun or interesting event has been so far, but I would say the concerts in Millenium Park and pubcrawls have been the most fun. Those outings always allow a lot of interaction while enjoying music and dancing.

What is your top travel destination (a place you’ve already been or your dream place?)
Right now I'd say my top travel destination is Brazil-to both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The best friend I made while studying abroad in Liverpool lives there, and I would really like to visit her and have her show me around.

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