Monday, February 22, 2010

Staff Spotlight

We stopped staff member Rhonda during her busy day to ask her a few questions:

HI: What do you do here at the hostel?
Rhonda: Housekeeping, basically everything though. Linens, rooms, and public areas. Where ever they need me!!

HI: How long have you been here?
Rhonda: March 2002

HI: What do you like about the hostel/your job?
Rhonda: I love my co-workers and meeting new people. I just really like the job!

HI: What is one interesting story that has happened to you on the job?
Rhonda: One man came down to the basement and stole an employee's clothes. He was looking for his clothes and about thirty minutes later he walks out with the employee's clothes on!

HI: Did the employee get his clothes back?
Rhonda: (laughing) Nope, he just let him keep them!

HI: What is something about the hostel that not most people would know?
Rhonda: Its just a cool place to come and hang out!!

HI: What would you recommend travelers do while they stay in Chicago?
Rhonda: Shopping! On Michigan Avenue or anywhere. All of them with sales (laughs)

HI: Well, great! Thanks and have a great day Rhonda!
Rhonda: Thank you, you too.

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