Friday, January 29, 2010

Marilyn Williams: Passionate Traveler, Artist, and Hostel Volunteer

I have been working at the info desk on Friday afternoons since last June ('09). As a retired French and Spanish Teacher, I find many opportunities to use my language skills! I also love helping people and sharing my enthusiasm about travel. I started using hostels in 1970 when I was studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. I traveled all over Europe during school vacations and the summer of 1970. I have been passionately in love with travel ever since.

This is a perfect "job" for me because I feel travel has made me who I am.

After retiring from teaching French and Spanish, I went to a 4-year art school. I now paint from my travel photos (51 countries and counting). My art website is

I currently have 5 small paintings hanging in the dining room of the HI-Chicago hostel. How great it is to combine my passion for art and travel!

-Marilyn Williams, hostel volunteer

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Hostelling International - said...

studying in the sorbonne in 1970s paris must have been amazing!