Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why I Volunteer at the Hostel

Yeah, it’s great to give back, to help out. It’s refreshing to meet other, diverse, cool, funny, engaging, wild, travelers, learning from their lives and experiences. It’s even more fun to go on the events, seeing parts of the city and doing things you might not normally do.

I volunteer because I think Chicago is the most liveable (if you can get past the brutal winters) city in the world, and it bears showing some people outside it the REAL city. SO many travelers think Chicago is a bunch of skyscrapers, the bean, deep dish pizza, the Mag Mile, you know, things that everyone ELSE knows about our city. And those are great things, and any traveler must check them out before they leave.

But Chicago is SOOO much more than downtown. And I want to show them that. That’s why I volunteer.

Why do you volunteer?


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Mike Yoshioka said...

Thanks for blogging! When is your next tour de chicago?